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Features and Benefits:

  • Platinum Center Post Tire Changer
  • Dual Assist Arms Included
  • Wheel Lift Included
  • “Lever/No-Lever” Changing System
  • Air operated bead breaker (external air supply required)
  • Metal mount/demount head w/ replaceable plastic inserts
  • External Flexible Bead-Blasting system
  • “Smart Lock” Center-Post Mounting System
  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Included
  • Tire Tool Included
  • Lube Bucket with Brush Included
  • Multiple Plastic Protectors Included
  • Replacement Parts & Wear Items Always in Stock
  • 2 Year Parts Only Warranty
  • This part number Freight Prepaid

The Atlas® Platinum PTC500 center post tire changer is designed for high-volume tire shops that deal with the most challenging wheel and tire combinations in the market.

The Atlas® Platinum PTC500 includes patented, innovative features that make it stand out from the competition! The first of these is the “Lever/No-Lever System” which allows the machine to be used with a standard tire tool/lever or in a “leverless” mode with no manual tools required. The second outstanding feature is the “Smart Lock” system which allows the tire to be mounted and immediately locked in position with a flip of the lever which eliminates the need to manually thread the center cone or to maintain a complicated pneumatic locking system. The external bead seating system makes inflating even the most challenging tires a breeze. Finally, the integrated wheel lift helps reduce employee lifting injuries or damage to expensive wheels.

The Atlas® Platinum range of wheel service equipment has a 2 year warranty and incorporates the highest quality Italian designed components and engineering to assure it is the best value available at its price.


Atlas® Platinum PTC500 Specifications
  • Rims Steel, Aluminum, Alloy
  • Clamping Range 12" - 30"
  • Maximum Tire Diameter 47"
  • Maximum Wheel Width 15"
  • Turntable Rotating Speed 7 RPM
  • Bead Breaker 6,924 LB. Force
  • Air Requirement 120-145 PSI
  • Operating Voltage 110volt
  • Shipping Weight 885 lbs.


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