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ESCO Light Truck U-Joint Puller part #:ESC-40301

• Manufactured from heavy-duty steel materials
• Designed for use on bearing cup outer diameter 1.25 in - 1.75in.
• Eliminates using vice-and-socket or hammering methods which can be dangerous or cause damage
• Aid in reducing the risk of damaging joints, bearing caps, yokes, and driveshafts
• Engineered to be used with 1/2 in. impact wrench/ratchet or smaller
• Designed to disassemble even the most seized u-joint in minutes on most class 3-5 trucks and equipment (Chevrolet 3500/5500, Ram 3500/5500, Ford (F-350/550), etc.

ESCO Light Truck U-Joint Puller

SKU: 40301
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