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H&S Autoshot Plasma Cutter part #:HSW-6004

• Professional digital inverter plasma cutter provides 20-40 amps of power to genuine cut ½” and sever cut to 1” on steel.
• Features dual input voltage 115-230VAC, adjustable output 20-40 amps, air purge switch, adjustable air regulator/dryer with gauge
• Digital display allows user to precisely set output power and shows working air pressure in PSI
• Grid cutting feature allows machine to maintain flame power when in between consecutive cuts
• Package includes inverter power supply, HSP40 plasma torch 12’, 200A earth clamp, 115-volt adapter plug, spare tips & electrodes and operator manual.
• Input Power: 115-230VAC @ 20 Amps | Output Power: 40 Amps @ 50%

H&S Autoshot Plasma Cutter

SKU: HSW-6004
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