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The JumpSurge1200 is a 1200 Peak Cranking Amp power bank and jump-starter for 12V battery vehicles (up to 6.5L on gas engines, and 4L on diesel engines). The JS1200 allows you to revive your battery, never getting stranded on the road! It comes with a Boost Function™ that can start dead or damaged batteries and has the ability to charge all your devices faster than a standard charger. The JumpSurge is the ideal on-the-go tool for drivers who want to be prepared for the unexpected at all times.

  • Boost Function Revives Dead or Damaged Batteries
  • Innovative Stop Spark™ Sensor Suspends Its Use After Too Many Jumps in a 10 Minute Period to Prevents Battery Damage
  • Jump Start Batteries Within 1 to 2 Seconds
  • 300 Lumens Flashlight
  • Heavy-Duty Premium Copper Clamps
  • USB Quick Charge 3.0 Port
  • Fully Charges Most Devices Within an Hour
  • Sturdy Outer Housing Resistant to Water, Dust, and Wear

JS1200 JumpSurge Jump Starter

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