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Features and benfits:

  • ShopSol heavy duty (450 lbs capacity) automotive creeper with a 3 position headrest to alleviate straining your neck in a reclining position
  • Frame is 18 in wide and 44 in long designed with a 1 in diameter envelope welded steel frame tube
  • Upholstered vinyl fabric designed with 2 in thick foam bed including pillow headrest
  • Includes six industrial  non marking oil resistant casters for rugged uneven surfaces designed for 1.5 in ground clearance
  • Optional tool tray (ShopSol #3010008) that attaches to either side of the creeper and Hangar (ShopSol #3010007) to efficiently store the creeper in the workshop. Meets and exceeds BIFMA testing standards

LDS Industries Creeper, Adjustable Head 450 lb Capacity

SKU: 1010242
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