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Features and Benefits:



The ArcticPRO ACX2180H offers flexbility with the same benefits of the ACX2180 but the added capability of servicing hybrid vehicles.

MSSACX2180H is a machine built for performance, look to the ArcticPRO ACX2180H R134a Refrigerant Handling Systems. These new, high performance units are fully automatic and can run virtually unattended allowing your technicians the extra time to perform other tasks. The ACX2180H unit features UV dye injection which provides high-level A/C system leak detection, automatic air purge, and an LED status indicator light built into the top of the unit notifies your technician of completed service, visible from anywhere in the shop. For a streamlined shop, and safe and precise A/C refrigerant handling, rely on ArcticPRO.

  • State-of-the-art ergonomic design, 7" capacitive touch LCD display, and intuitive user interface sets a new industry standard.
  • Contains three transducers, providing reduced process times over single sensor units.
  • Hybrid certified for high voltage compressor service.
  • LED light indicates status visible from anywhere in the workshop.
  • iOS and Android capable phone app allowing remote service session mirroring and advanced functions.
  • Best-in-class serviceability with a new ergonomic hinged service door simplifies unit service.
  • Permanent automatic wireless software updates, ensuring you always have the latest features.
  • Remote support for technicians allows MAHLE to connect to a unit over WiFi for troubleshooting and advanced support.
  • Data management and reporting metrics offers the ability to log and monitor services allowing analytics for proactive service reminders, refrigerant use optimization, warranty reporting and more.
  • Every unit is built to be easily repaired by the owner and we proudly offer nationwide service centers and lifetime phone support coverage.
  • Network printing capabilities retain valuable service records, network printing capability to print services provided for customer.

MAHLE Service Solutions ACX2180H Hybrid R134a Refrigerant Handling System

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