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Featuresand Benefits:

This Mayhew 61811 6-Piece Alignment Punch Set Includes (1) each of:

  • 22003 Aligning Punch 1/4″ x 12″
  • 22010 Aligning Punch 1/8-3mm x 8″
  • 22011 Aligning Punch 5/32-4mm x 9″
  • 22012 Aligning Punch 3/16″ x 10″
  • 22013 Aligning Punch 5/16-8mm x12″
  • 22025 Aligning Punch 7/32″ x 10″

Line-up punches are used to alignthe holes through which rivets, pins, or bolts will be inserted, but not fordriving the hardware. Sizes vary for the optimal alignment. A black oxidefinish is available for rust protection. Made in the USA.

MayhewPro Series professionalgrade tools are made for constant use and unique applications specific to yourline of work. MayhewPro Series features premium finishes for additionalprotection, and extra machining for tighter tolerances.


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