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  • The most compact rechargable cordless heat gun on the market is only 4.8 ounces and lightweight enough to carry in your tool belt or repair kit
  • Heats up to a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315C) within 10 seconds with a very focused, no flame output to protect surrounding components and wiring
  • The built in 3.6v, 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery has a working time of 15-20 minutes and will maintain full charge for up to 6 months when stored
  • Recharge battery in under 2 hours using the included USB compatible power cord and any USB power source with a 2.1A output or higher
  • The safe start power button prevents accidental activation when stored or carried in a tool bag
  • Integrated overheating protection circuit will power down heating elements to protect tool and prevent damage
  • Operation: Push safe start power button for 3 seconds to activate blower motor (blue LED), press button a second time to activate heating elements(red LED). Reverse steps to deactivate

PERFORMANCE TOOL Li-Ion Cordless Heat Gun