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Schaeffer's 131 Neutra™ Fuel Stabilizer (24-12 oz. bottles) is a highly concentrated, multi-functional, ashless fuel stabilizer. It is specially formulated for use in all grades of gasoline (including ethanol-blends), as well as all types of diesel fuel and biodiesel fuels. Neutra TM is blended with an enhanced detergency package and provides impressive cleanliness to:

  • fuel lines,
  • tanks,
  • pumps,
  • injectors, 
  • carburetors.

Schaeffer’s Neutra TM disperses existing deposits throughout the fuel system, safely removing them to the combustion chamber where they can be burned cleanly and completely.

  • Improves combustion fuel for more power and better fuel economy up to 5%.
  • Helps control and prevent the formation of gums, varnish deposits, moisture, and acids.
  • Lowers the freeze point of any water that may be present in the fuel.
  • Disperses water present in the fuel to prevent fuel icing. 
  • Reduces emission and exhaust smoke.
  • Lead replacement for reduced exhaust valve seat wear.

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer is suitable and meets the US EPA requirements for blending into low sulfur diesel fuels. When used at the recommended treatment ratios Neutra Fuel Stabilizer will not cause a measurable increase in the sulfur content of the diesel fuel and will not have any measurable effect on cetane index or aromatic content of the diesel fuel. This diesel fuel additive does not comply with Federal ULTRA Low Sulfur content requirements for use in model 2007 and newer engines.

1. For gasoline: Add 2 to 3 quarts of Neutra to every 200 gallons.
2. For diesel fuel: Add ½ to 1 gallon of Neutra to every 200 gallons of fuel.
3. One 12 ounce bottle to every 10 to 20 gallons of fuel.

Schaeffer 131-021 Neutra Fuel Stabilizer (24-12oz Bottles)

SKU: 131-021
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