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Schaeffer's 232 Vex Concentrate (6-Gallons) is a modern day biodegradable cleaner for industrial, field and household use.

When mixed with water it provides a suitable cleaner for regular cleaning maintenance. Vex's heavy duty wetting, penetrating and emulsifying action attacks the most difficult cleaning problems. Even tough jobs are effectively cleaned with Vex Concentrate Cleaner.

Vex is concentrated making it very economical. Because of its high concentration, Vex performs a variety of cleaning operations for just pennies per gallon. Vex maintains it's effectiveness over a prolonged period of time. Because of its many applications, Vex provides one cleaning chemical where four or five may have been previously used.

Schaeffer 232-006 Vex Concentrate Cleaner (6-Gallons)

SKU: 232-006
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