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Schaeffer's 315 Simplex Supreme Torque Converter Fluid (2x2.5-Gallons) is a para-synthetic, universal, extreme pressure torque converter fluid. Simplex Supreme Torque Converter Fluid meets and exceeds the requirements of virtually all farm and industrial tractors and mobile equipment. Simplex Supreme meets and exceeds the service make-up and refill needs of the:

  • transmissions,
  • differentials,
  • final drives,
  • hydraulics,
  • power steering systems,
  • wet brake systems, 
  • automatic and heavy duty transmissions where type A fluid is specified.

Simplex Supreme is blended from the finest polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic fluids and 100% paraffin base stocks. A balanced performance additive package is also added. This combination provides Simplex Supreme Torque Converter Fluid with the following performance qualities:

  • reduced brake chatter and noise
  • increased operating efficiency
  • longer fluid life
  • anti-wear and extreme pressure properties
  • excellent low temperature fluidity

Simplex Supreme can be used in the lubrication of Continuously Variable and Infinitely Variable Transmissions installed on agricultural equipment. Please read the Technical Data download for specific applications.

Always consult the owner’s manual and the OEM’s recommendations for the correct fluid recommendations. More information is available in the technical data download.

Schaeffer 315-003 Simplex Supreme Torque Converter Fluid (2x2.5-Gallons)

SKU: 315-003
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