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Features and Benefits:


Experience clarity from near to far, indoors, and out, with the TS001, the long-focus Android thermal imager. Its 9mm lens surpasses the TC001's 3.2mm lens, extending your shooting range for diverse outdoor thermal imaging tasks.
The TS001 boasts superior image quality with a 256x192 infrared resolution and a smooth 25Hz frame rate, ensuring every detail is captured with precision. Its adjustable lens covers infrared imaging needs from 0.1 to 500 meters, catering to applications including building inspections, agriculture, forestry, outdoor tracking, and more.
Equipped with both measurement and observation modes, the TS001 provides accurate temperature readings and intuitive insights into heat distribution.
Perfect for professionals like home inspectors, automotive technicians, electricians, and beyond, the TS001 empowers you to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues with unparalleled clarity and efficiency.

  • Where Clarity Takes Center Stage
    See the infrared world in stunning clarity with our 256x192 IR Resolution TS001 imager, capturing crisp images with every detail. Enjoy fluid visuals with a 25Hz infrared refresh rate for smooth and seamless viewing.
  • Adjustable Lenses: Clear Vision From Near To Far
    The TS001 offers adjustable 9mm lenses, accommodating infrared imaging needs from 0.1 to 500 meters, ensuring clarity whether viewing objects up close or at a distance.
  • Precision Pathfinders of Heat and Cold
    Experience temperature recognition at its finest with the TS001, your ultimate precision partner. Achieving readings with an incredible accuracy of 0.1 degrees and an error margin of less than 3%, it's the epitome of reliability. From frosty lows of -20°C to scorching highs of 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F), it covers the spectrum effortlessly. And with its high-definition camera, detecting minuscule components like PCB boards and resistors becomes a breeze.
  • Fast Vision, Faster Action
    In the world of thermal imaging, TS001's observation mode is your adept ally, swiftly capturing targets with finesse. Its dynamic recognition tracks moving objects, while the high/low-temperature mode intelligently flags extreme temperature sources. Through these modes, TS001 rapidly identifies points of interest and uncovers anomalies within the observed area.
  • Swipe To Highlight Temperature Variance
    With just a swipe, you can tailor your thermal view to focus only on what matters most to you. The intuitive color bar lets you easily set the temperature range you want to spotlight. Plus, when things heat up beyond your chosen range, you'll see it pop in bold black and white, or any other colors you fancy, making temperature differences crystal clear immediately.
  • More Functions:
    - Dual Light Mode: Combine the visual image and infrared image
    - Smart Temperature Alert
    - Temperature Real-time Waveform
    - Image Secondary Analysis
    - 10 Color Palettes
    - Works With PC
    - Image & Video
    - Customized Infrared Reports

Topdon Topdon TS001 - Thermal Imaging Camera for Android Devices 9mm Adj. Lens

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