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10 Automotive Tools That Must Be in Every Mechanic’s Arsenal

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

A car is an indispensable asset because it can get you anywhere without the struggles of commuting, such as cramped public transport and long waits for buses or trains. For this reason, everyone wants to find the best car that suits their needs and preferences. However, car ownership is a responsibility, so you must stay on top of regular maintenance and repairs.

While most car owners are expected to know a car's inner workings for maintenance and repairs to a degree, not everyone has the time to do so. For this reason, professional mechanics are hired to do the job. Not all professional mechanics are the same, especially regarding tools and equipment, because they use different types to get the job done. However, some tools and equipment are expected to be included as part of a mechanic's resources, so you should hire one that uses the following:

mechanic working under the car

#1 - Crowfoot Wrenches

The space within a vehicle engine compartment is usually greatly restricted, so mechanics must work in cramped conditions. With a "crowfoot" wrench attached to a 3/8-inch drive extension bar, mechanics can access hard-to-reach nuts and bolts. These wrenches are handy when dealing with brake and power steering lines, where the flare nut design allows for more torque to be applied when turning. Simply slip the line through the opening of the wrench, and it will fit securely around the flare nut.

#2 - Flex Sockets

A flex socket is an excellent tool for hard-to-reach places with limited space to work in the engine compartment. Though they cost more than a traditional socket and universal joint, they can be a lifesaver when removing or installing bolts in tight spaces. The convenience and time saved can be well worth the extra money.

#3 - Kiwi Pliers

Kiwi pliers are valuable because they let you hold onto tiny pieces while using regular needle-nose pliers. They provide an excellent solution for those pesky clamps, clips, and retainers that do not fit into regular pliers. With these Kiwi pliers, you can grab and hold onto small objects without having your hand in the way of your line of sight.

#4 - Locking Extension Bars

Locking extension bars can come in handy when you're in a tight spot and need to remove a bolt head. Just slide the locking ring back, attach the desired socket, and release it; it is held firmly in place and will be retrieved with the extension bar. As such, you do not have to worry about stuck sockets.

#5 - Mechanic Tools Kit and Socket Set

These ratchets are built with robust, heavy-duty construction, providing a comfortable and secure grip and making them easy to use in tight spaces. The teeth are finely spaced, allowing for more precise movement, and the quick-release and reversing features make it easier to use. The sockets and wrenches are engraved with the size markings using a laser before the chrome plating is applied, meaning the size markings won’t fade over time. All of this makes this ratchet an ideal addition to your toolbox.

#6 - Nut Splitter

A nut splitter is a tool that divides a stuck nut or is simply difficult to remove. It works by placing a metal ring around the nut, turning a sharp tooth into the nut, and using the mechanical advantage of the tooth to crack the nut, without damaging the threaded stem of the bolt or stem that it's screwed onto.

#7 - Scaler and Chisel

This tool is a powerful and efficient way to remove rust, scale, and dirt. It has 19 1/8-inch needles that rapidly hammer away at the rust, dirt, and scale with 4,600 blows per minute. The adjustment collar can be moved to control the force and coverage area. However, you should always wear protective gear, such as hearing and eye protection and leather gloves, as they can produce a lot of dust and debris.

#8 - Telescoping Mirror and Magnet Set

This set is an excellent tool for any repair job. The telescoping handles extend up to 25 inches, allowing easy access to hard-to-reach places. The screw ends to make it easy to change out the attachments, and the kit comes with two handles, two swiveling mirrors, two fixed magnet heads, and one swivel magnet. This set is perfect for any car, appliance, or home repair job, so the versatility is a bonus.

#9 - Tite-Reach Extension Wrench

The Tite-Reach tool is your best bet when you need access to those hard-to-reach areas. It's perfect for getting your socket into tight spaces, like engine compartments. Simply attach your socket to one end of the extension tool and your ratchet to the other. Then you can easily loosen or tighten the bolt that was previously out of reach.

#10 - Underhood Lights

Underhood lights are a must-have for any mechanic or do-it-yourselfer. These lights provide bright illumination to help you see your car or truck under the hood. They come in LED and halogen versions, and you can choose various sizes and mounting options to make your life easier when working on your vehicle.


Working on a vehicle for maintenance or repair requires specific tools to ensure the job is done perfectly. As such, you should invest in the tools mentioned above or hire someone who owns them to help you with the task. This way, your car will run safely and efficiently without issues.

If you are looking for automotive tools and equipment, Haukos Sales LLC has what you need! We offer various selections that can make vehicle maintenance easier for fair prices. Visit our online store or call us today at 218-770-5845 to place an order!

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