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Schaeffer's 0284-012 Diesel Hotline (12-Quarts) is an emergency treatment for gelled diesel fuel. This quick-acting additive dissolves gelled diesel fuel back into solution and returns the flow in 20 minutes. It is formulated with a unique blend of organic compounds. Diesel Hotline is recommended for use in all types of diesel fuel, especially low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel fuels.

Diesel Hotline is an emergency fuel treatment only and is intended for use in already gelled diesel fuel. For preventative maintenance Schaeffer Mfg recommends the use of either #137B Diesel Treat 2000™ With Flow Improver, #137ULSW Diesel Treat 2000™ Ultra Low Sulfur Winter Premium, or #300ULSW Arctic Shield™ Ultra Low Sulfur Concentrate to prevent gelling or freezing of diesel fuels.

It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Treatment Ratio: One quart of #284 Diesel Hotline  treats up to 50 gallons of diesel fuel. See Technical Data for complete instructions.

Schaeffer 284-012 Diesel Hotline (12-Quarts)

SKU: 284-012
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